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Why settle for a 'diet' that is unbalanced and unhealthy. After all, what good is being 'thin' if you're unhealthy?

Diet Grader is different. We care about your health and with our patent-pending program, all your meals are automatically balanced for optimal health, wellness and specific to your goals .

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Weight Loss - General Health - Sport Performance - Fat Reduction
Energy Improvement


Unlike other programs which create meals for you from foods you don't like, Diet Grader let's you choose the foods you enjoy most, then creates a balanced nutritional plan around your favorite foods!

This simple tool will "grade" your current eating habits, show you how to improve your current diet, AND provide you goal specific meal plans at no additional cost. That's right, they are FREE.

It's like having your own private nutritionist working with you and creating customized meal plans that are nutritionally balanced - just choose the foods you enjoy and your goals (weight loss, gain muscle, maintenance, etc.). Instantly, your nutritional requirements are re-calculated and you begin your eating plan.

Get an 'A+' in Nutrition!

grade reportYou'll be able to eat better and feel better. Instead of confusing nutritional programs that spit out confusing formulas, Diet Grader is simple - you receive a grade. If you can read a 'report card' you can use the program.

If you meal plan is strong in one area such as Protein or Vitamin E, then you will receive an 'A', or 'B'. And it goes all the way down the scale to an 'F' for failing.

If you have too much (or too little) of certain vitamins and minerals your health can suffer!

Your goal is to get as many A's as possible and the program takes care of that for you. It's completely automated - you don't have to think about it. And you can do it eating more of the foods you enjoy...

Eat the Foods YOU LIKE!

Unlike other programs which create meals for you from foods you usually don't want to eat, Diet Grader let's you choose the foods you enjoy most.

Here's a screen shot below of my 'breakfast favorites'. With the click of a button, you can add and delete your favorite foods. You have an unlimited food choice using the USDA's Agricultural Research Service Database. That means you can choose virtually any food and product brand in the world!



Achieve All Your Goals: Weight Loss, Sports Performance, Increasing Muscle,
Fat Loss, Better Health, Mental Clarity, etc.!

Not everyone wants to lose weight. Perhaps you want to gain more lean muscle. Maybe you are an athlete and want to make sure you're eating right for maximum performance. Or perhaps you just want to eat healthier, function better and turn back the clock as you age.

With the simple click of a button, you can chose your goals. You then tell the grader your current fitness level. Immediately and automatically, your meal plan requirements are created based on YOUR NEEDS. It's so simple and effective!

Optimize your foods how You like and build your own balanced diet:

  1. You can adjust your daily intake of various nutrients and self correct your grade
  2. You can choose from thousands of pre-created meal plans with an already excellent "grade" and adopt them and their shopping lists as your own. Prepared meal plans alone can cost you hundreds of dollars. They are included for FREE with Diet Grader!
  3. You can even utilize the Iphone or Android App to input, scan labels, or review your daily grades on the fly.


The 2 Most Respected and Trusted Nutrition Resources!

All of the data used in your customized meals from Diet Grader come from the two leading resources:

usdaInstatute of Medicine

Your Goals and Nutrients Data come from The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science. They bring together reports from thousands of researchers from around the world to define standards of nutrition for individuals at various life stages.

All of the food nutritional data comes from the USDA's Agricultural Research Service - the GOLD STANDARD for nutrition! That means you'll have accurate nutritional data of almost every food and product brand in the world!

If other nutritional programs don't use these resources, you're simply not getting the best, most recent data!


Take a Look Inside Diet Grader


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Here Is “The Offer You Can’t Refuse:”

If you wanted to hire your own nutritionist to create meal plans for you, expect to pay at least $150/hour. And some advanced programs (with half the features of Diet Grader) can cost $1,000 or more... (If you want a degreed nutritionist to work with you and/or a trainer to develop a concurrent exercise program, we can help with that also! Just follow the optional links at the bottom of this page.)


Regular Pricing is only $7.95 per month. That comes to less than $.30 cents a day (far less than the tip you pay on a cup of coffee!)..

BETTER - We are very confident that you will be amazed at the Diet Grader functions and we know it will increase your chances of meeting goals by 50%-70%.... We are offering you Three Free Days to check it out! (no strings, cancel at any time)

BETTER - We want to help you take full advantage of this powerful nutrition tool. We will provide you access to "Optimal Nutrition". A short guide that provides you simple bullet point keys to optimize your diet plan. (Copy & keep it, even if you choose not to continue.)

BETTER - Thousands of pre-created, "passing grade" menu plans, free for your balanced diet plan.

BETTER - Access your plan and progress from any computer or even your phone.


Once you begin to eat healthier, you will feel better and look better. You'll soon find yourself using Diet Grader every day and then wonder how you ever lived without it.


You're Never Locked In

If you are ever unsatisfied with the Diet Grader, you may cancel the service at any time. That's right. If at any time, you feel this is not for you, just let us know or even more easily, cancel directly through your PayPal. You are NEVER "locked-in" to any long-term commitment.

You have read this far for good reasons. Don't back out now! Now is your chance to melt fat, gain lean athletic muscle, improve your health and get into the best shape of your life. How much is it worth to you to look AND feel better?

It will likely only be a short while longer before we end the initial discount promotion of $7.95... Begin your Nutrition Solution now and realize your results soon....

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Nutritional factors are the keys (70%) in reaching health & fitness goals...


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