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Aromatherapy to Curb Appetite »

Written: October 15, 2009 By: In: Holistic

To curb appetite, many different tactics have been employed.  Some beneficial and worthy of your use to curb appetite and others just a bit goofy.

Here is a simple one which may stimulate the alertness region of your brain.

Research suggests lighting a peppermint candle the next time you’ve got that junk food craving.  It’s often these transient hunger impulses that sabotage dietary goals as little thought is used in search for relief from these short term cravings.

Other noted benefits of Peppermint Aromatherapy:

Anti-inflammatory; relieves pain, muscle spasms, and cramping; relaxes the nerves; kills viral infections; decreases gas and indigestion; clears lung congestion; reduces fever

Yogurt for Gum Health »

Written: October 12, 2009 By: In: Diet

Yogurt has long been consumed for its health benefits and is a diet staple enjoyed by many cultures across the globe.  Now, experts say that yogurt may also reduce the risk of developing gum disease by as much as 60% when conpared with other dairy products.

Yogurt contains large amounts of healthy bacteria called lactobacilli, which inhibit the growth of harmful oral bugs that can lead to periodontal disease. (From IDEA Fitness Journal 10/09)

Make sure yogurt is a regular entry to your Diet Grader report. Your gum health will appreciate it.

Fruit and Veggie Servings »

Written: October 1, 2009 By: In: Diet

Farmer's Market - Fruits & VeggiesWhen it comes to eating enough veggies and fruits, Americans are failing miserably. The CDC estimates that only 14 percent of adults and fewer than 10 percent of teenagers in the US eat three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit on a daily basis… 5 servings is the minimum.

Fit Sugar posted the State by State ranking of how different areas in the US are doing with their own fruit and veggie servings.

Here in our State, we are apparently at 15.1%… How about where you’re from?  Do you match the averages?