Buying Fresher Produce

Written: January 5, 2011 By: In: Fit Resources

“Supermarkets used to get food deliveries once or twice a week, but now most stores are getting shipments every day,” says food trends, safety and consumer shopping expert Phil Lempert. “The idea that certain items are going to be fresher on certain days doesn’t hold true anymore.”

Because of these more efficient shipment methods, you need to sharpen your food selection skills to bring the best home to your family.

Try these techniques:

  • Shop early in the day for fresh produce
  • Larger produce displays likely equates to fresher items as they are generally gone through more often
  • Exotic fruits are not bought as often and therefore may be more likely to have sat on shelf longer than standard fruits or vegetables
  • A lot of fish comes to the U.S. from overseas, so it’s already been frozen or stored on ice by the time it’s landed in your grocery store’s fish section, says Lempert. He recommends checking the display signs for the words “previously frozen,” and if you see that, you may as well purchase a version from the freezer section.
  • Make nice with the Butcher, the Baker, maybe not so much the candlestick maker.  Also, don’t forget the produce lady and the wine specialist.  When in doubt these are your experts on selecting the freshest and most cost effective items
  • Follow these tips when selecting grocery store items for your family.  You’ll find healthful benefits from the freshest options as well as likely save a buck or two also!

article adapted from Women’s Day


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