WHAT IS DIET GRADER?Diet Grader helps users to journal and plan their nutrition. The system shows users how to correct deficiencies in their meal plans. Diet Grader makes suggestions using the users (YOUR) favorite foods. Users may also access the top meal plans created by other users. A simple academic grading system to check and track your progress. Professional nutritionist assistance or as a self led tool. Uniquely Powerful.Far beyond basic journaling, our technology uses artificial intelligence to allow users to see deficiencies, and learn how to correct them.Real Science, Finally…Based on the research of the Institute of Medicine, not the latest fad. Diet Grader produces true results using real foods.

Diet Grader Access – $7.95/mo. ~$1 THREE DAY TRIAL!~

Take the first step to ensure healthful nutrition and achieving your goals. You will be amazed to see your current “Nutrient Grade” and even more amazed at how easily you can incorporate changes to improve your grade. No need to worry, you can cancel at any time, but with regular use and certain benefit we are sure you’ll stick around.

You also have access to the Diet Grader / Vitabot phone app for Android or Iphone.  Easily track and update your information from anywhere and use the instant bar code scan to update your food log on the spot.

Additionally, thousands of “Grade A” menus are available for you to utilize (along with their own shopping list) to keep all the guess work out.  You can’t out exercise a bad diet and the Diet Grader is a tool that will make it easy to help ensure your diet is on the right track rather than holding you back.

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